Thousands of fishes that look like penis washed up on a beach by storm

Drakes Beach in northern California was covered with ‘penis fish’, or fat innkeeper worms, which can grow up to a foot long.

Thousand of the bizarre ‘penis fish’ were washed up on a beach in northern California, likely due to the weather.

Experts believe the phallic creatures, known as fat innkeeper worms, were forced out of their underwater burrows and dumped on Drakes Beach by recent storms.

The beach was covered with the pink worms – which can grow to almost a foot long – as seagulls scooped them up from the sands north of San Francisco.

‘Penis fish’ are a delicacy in East Asia, where they are eaten raw with salt and sesame oil, grilled or stir-fried with vegetables, and they are also used as fishing bait.


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