“My biggest challenge is wiping my ass with my only hand” – DJ Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee reveals some of his most personal challenges when he sat down for an interview on of the most infamous internet radio in the UK.

When the interviewer asked Coffee to reveal some of his biggest personal challenges never heard before by the public Black Coffee went for something quite personal and touching.

Black coffee said it is quite overwhelming for him to roll out a toilet paper for him to wipe his ass properly. “Sometimes the toilet paper will fall off and roll all over and I get frustrated and leave the toilet without wiping my ass. It is very frustrating man.

“How would you feel when you roll out a toilet paper that is not enough and it broke when you are wiping your ass and you end up touching your ass man?. Sometimes the finger will slip in the process.

The interviewer asked Black Coffee why doesn’t he hire a person who would wipe his ass for him or at least prepare the toilet paper for him to which he replied that he usually ask people to roll the toilet paper for him beforehand but sometimes that’s just not an option.

“I usually ask someone to prepare the toilet paper for me but sometimes there is no time for that. Diarrhea days are the worst.


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