Eskom intern burn millions worth of coal during a truth or dare game Majuba Power Station

The was a fire at the Majuba Power Station but it has been extinguished, Eskom said in a statement on Wednesday evening.

According to Eskom, the fire started on the incline conveyer belt system from the rail offloading facility at around 15:00 on Wednesday afternoon and “was extinguished swiftly by the power station’s fire team”

What Eskom did not tell us is that the fire was started by one of their interns. According to other interns who would like to remain anonymous. A group of interns where playing truth or dare game and one of them was dared to set the coal on fire.

“He used spirits and a lighter they use to light marijuana. I think he was high. When the smoke started rising they were laughing and dancing and praising him for doing the dare”.No official response from Majuba Power Station on this revelation yet.


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