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Download Era Ameno mp3 video lyrics

Ameno” was written by new-age artist Eric Lévi. The lyrics are written in Pseudo-Latin, i.e. sounding like Latin but are in fact deliberately devoid of any exact meaning.[citation needed] The vocals are performed by Guy Protheroe and Harriet Jay. Eric Lévi played keyboards and programmed it, whereas Philippe Manca played lead guitar, bass and drums. The choir rendition is by The English Chamber Choir.

A music video was shot for the song featuring actors Iréne Bustamante and Pierre Boisserie.

The song has been interpreted many times and is very popular in covers and parodies. Famous versions include DJ Quicksilver (2000), Roberto Molinaro techno mix version in Italy (2005) and French tenor Vincent Niclo interpretation with the Red Army Choir (2012

Download Ameno mp3 by Era

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Ameno Lyrics by Era

Dori me interimo adapare dori me
Ameno ameno lantire lantiremo dori me
Ameno omenare imperavi ameno
Dimere dimere mantiro mantiremo ameno
Omenare imperavi emulari ameno
Omenare imperavi emulari ameno
Ameno ameno dore ameno dori me ameno dori me

Download Era Ameno mp3 video lyrics
Ameno dom dori me reo ameno dori me ameno dori me dori me am

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