A Chewing Gum Older than 5700 year old discovered by Scientist – See a Picture of the Ancient Girl

Somewhere in Denmark, (which is now an archeological site), more than 5700 years ago, a girl casually spat out a wad of chewing gum from her mouth.

Fast forward to now, archeologist discover this gum and there everything special about it. The DNA in the gum was so well preserved, that the image of what the gum owner might look like could be painted by scientist, and not only that, but a snapshot of what her life might have looked like.

This was the first time they have extracted so much information from anything other than ancient bones or teeth.

The artistic depiction of the child above, had slightly dark skin, blue eyes and dark hair. and was more closely related to hunter-gatherers from Western Europe than to farmers who had more recently settled in the region.

She also left traces of her most recent meal in the gum, which the scientist determined to be hazelnuts and duck. But her oral microbiome also revealed she might have been a bit unwell, she had the Epstein-Barr virus (A member of the herpes virus family) and probably had suffered from mononucleosis in her life.

It is amazing how much information can still be gotten about our past from relics around us.


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